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“KANATSU” Co., Ltd. is a pioneer of a 静音(Noiseless castor) plastic-platform hand truck. This quality provides you with a comfortable usage and a confidence in your activity with it.

Our company has obtained patent for the specially designed castors attached on this hand truck. Our castors enable this heavy truck to move lightly and flexible with little labour.

Moreover, our castors are recognised by the minister of environment to be the suitable castors under the strict noise regulation. Nowadays, people and governments are really sensitive about the noise pollution, and many factories and stores are required to keep the noise less. Then, our Seion (Noiseless) castors are highly recommended to adapt to the clean noiseless environment.

This is the main reason why the price is significantly higher than any other similarly shaped hand trucks in the world. Honestly speaking, our hand trucks are expensive. I know this factor may disappoint you a little bit.

However, when you actually start using this hand truck, you will definitely recognise that it is worth off to purchase this hand truck for your company. It enables your workers to move so lightly and flexibly that they will not feel working hard. This hand truck saves the energy of your workers!

All in all, letting your workers use our hand truck increases the labour productivity of your workers. In other words, you can literally “buy” the productivity! This extra productivity increased is the true value added on our products whose price is certainly included in the price of our hand truck. For the price of this additional productivity, the price we suggest is more than reasonable! I regret that we could have pushed the price up to increase our company revenue if more people could have realised this fact. Thus, you will win a lot to buy our hand trucks with their current price!

BIG 500 Series : Suitable for Heavy Loads

*** Why is Kanatsu’s BIG500 good for you? (Click here to read) ***

BIG500 41uGh9n1DvL._SL500_AA300_ BIG500-W


PLA250 / PLA300 Series: Flexible

mono08164466-060704-02 pla300y-w-300x300 PLA300-AMIM1-G

PLA250-T2-HL2-D_two-tier guard bar PLA250-DX-DB PLA300ST-DX




PLA 150 Series: Compact



Douvle Decker Series

PLA300-T2-HL2-DPLA250-T2-HL2-D_two-tier guard barjack150-t3

Brakes & Stopper Attached

     Brake      :      Hand Stopper     


*:・。,☆゚’・:*:・。 Fashionable Designs ,。・:*:・゚☆,。・:*:

☆.:゚+。:*:・。,☆゚’・:*:・。,Pink Colour Series,。・:*:・゚’☆,。・:*:+。:.☆
PinkHT_EgTeddyBear_PresentBox PLA300-DX-HS LP





Option Parts Available

3htCushion Olefin RubberHandGrip
* Please do not forget to inform us that you would like to attach one or some of these option parts to your ordering hand trucks.

Sheet Box 686 d1Sheet Box 686aSheet Box 686b

* Please do not forget to inform us that you would like to attach one or some of these option parts to your ordering hand trucks.


Battery Cars



Dia Tainers (Work Tainers)

worker tainer




MJB-6-2 Slide Cart



MadeInJapanKanatsu    MadeInJapanKanatsu


Pallet Trucks

Pallet-Truck パレット用台車

Dollies: Steel, Plastic, Aluminum, and Stainless, Elastic Types


Kanatsu Co. Ltd 株式会社カナツー 台車 手押し車 ハンドトラックPlatform Handtruck / Hand Trolley

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